My name is Bill Stoddard, and I like to repair clocks, document the history of Westclox and their clocks and watches, design web sites, and program in PHP. Professionally, I run Bill’s Clockworks, where I repair American antique clocks and 400 day anniversary clocks; and sell new wall, mantle, chime, cuckoo and other types of clocks, and a few antique clocks.

My other joys include being with my family, bicycle riding, and vintage hi-fi and LP records. Currently, I’m working as fast as I can on the Westclox database administration interface (using Yii) so that I  can begin a major data entry push.

Photos of my clock shop:

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Bill Stoddard at 20 months old

Bill Stoddard at 20 months old. I’m looking at a Seth Thomas electric clock that my parents received as a wedding gift in 1954.

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