1949 – 1950 Schatz 400 Day Clock With No Name On Dial

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400 day or “Anniversary” clocks were introduced in the 1880s in Germany. Their popularity had its ups and downs, reaching a peak in the 1950s, when many U.S. servicemen sent clocks home as gifts.

For years, most 400 day clocks did not have the maker’s name or country on the dial. Later (1920s?), “Made in Germany” started appearing on the bottom of dials. Finally, in the early 1950s, it became customary for the maker’s name (or an abbreviation) to appear on the dial. Examples:

  • Heco: Henry Coehler & Co. (a U.S. importer, not a maker)
  • Herr: Uhrehfabrik Herr
  • Kern: Kern & Sohne
  • Koma: Konrad Mauch
  • Kundo: Kieninger & Obergfell (K und O)
  • Schatz: Aug. Schatz & Sohne (also known as Jahreuhrenfabrik)

I just repaired a Schatz (Jahresuhrenfabrik) 400 day clock that made about 1949 or 1950. The movement has no date, and says Jahresuhrenfabrik (German for Year Clock Company) in the circle around the 49. The number 49 is supposed to represent the year (1949) that this model of movement was introduced, although very similar movements had been made by this company since around 1900 or earlier.

The dial on this clock does not say “Schatz”, and I have seen other made about the same time with no name on the dial. Judging from the examples I have seen, the name Schatz starting appearing on dials around 1950 or 1951. If you have any information about this, please leave a comment below.

Repair Work

This clock had one very rough pivot (front center wheel pivot) which probably caused excessive friction. I smoothed and burnished it, polished the other pivots, and smooth broached the pivot holes.

The movement is no. 1278 in the Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide. It uses a 0.004 inch thick suspension spring.

Repair job 5015.

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  1. Bill Stoddard says:

    This is a Schatz miniature 400 day clock. Here’s a link to a page of some of the different models:


    I repair these clocks, please see the following web page:


  2. I have a clock in my uncles garage. The name circle says AUG. Schatz & söhne Germany 53 two (2) jeweled unadjusted. Do you know anything about it? I’ve been looking and haven’t found anything about it.

  3. jerry says:

    I have a schatz & shone Germany (7) jewel aug w3 unadjusted old clock 3 dec 2013 (0910 time)

  4. jerry says:

    I have move chimes to the middle and to the end of four opt.

  5. jerry says:

    I need to know how to set the chimes. The clock works great but chimes just click

  6. mike says:

    Hi i have AUG.SHATZ ROYAL triple chime W3 8 day 2 jewel unadjusted clock cnt see a date on it the only no on the back is s2 14400. Is there a website i can get some info frm plz . Iv seen lots of 400/1000 day clocks but no 8day 2jewels clocks. If u got any info that cld b of intrest 2 me plz . Thanks .

  7. Robert says:

    I just received a koma clock, Konrad Mauch , Schwennin Gen. Germany on the back. . The clock seems to be in perfect shape with the glass. It has the number 0, jewels unajusted on the back as well. we would like to know if the clock is valuable. The only thing wrong is the key is missing.The clock works well.

  8. Bill Stoddard says:

    Your clock probably has a “disc pendulum”, common before 1910. Jahresuhrenfabrik made many 400 day clocks in that period. This name was used on clocks until the mid-1950s. Starting around 1949 – 1950, the name Schatz was used on some of their clocks.

  9. Sam says:

    I recently purchased a Jahresuhrenfabrik 400 day clock at an estate sale. The estate was of a women named Barbara Schlenker she is a well known artist and was born in Germany. She came to the states and studied art in Chicago. This clock has a unique look weight hanging from it. I have found other clocks that look like this one and they date them around 1900-1905. Did Jahresuhrenfabrik make 400 day clocks during that time frame. It has a beautiful porcelain face and a unique key.

  10. wade says:

    I have a welby 400 day clock that has never been ran.still in original box,pins still in that say to pull out before use.no date on it. Do you have any idea value of this clock.

  11. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles.

    I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.
    I’m quite sure I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here!
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  12. Diana says:

    I have a “Aug. Schatz & Sohne 49 Germany” , built 09/1954 clock (that belongs to my mother n law) it stopped working, the spring/string doesn’t work properly. We have had a difficult time to find someone here locately, (Tampa, FL) to repair it, any suggestions & she would like it repaired as a christmas present. We aren’t even sure what it’s worth & is it worth it to have it repaired?

  13. Bill Stoddard says:

    If the clock works, it is easily worth more than $85.

    Is there a date code on the back of the works (digits for month and year)?

    The first ones with the Schatz name on the dial have the name horizontally, whereas the standard form has the name incline upward to the right. See the following web page for more examples:



  14. Lisa says:

    I just purchased a schatz 400 day german anniversary clock 1949. This one has Schatz on the dial. I see above you had asked if anyone had further information in regards to this. Would this be rare or maybe one of the first to have the name on the dial? Does this clock hold value above $85.00 if it works, we have key and manual?

  15. Bill Stoddard says:

    Hi Ken, 400 day clocks are my specialty. Although my repair service might not be the cheapest, I give a 2 year warranty on my work. I have 400 day clocks shipped to me from all over the USA for repair. Details are on the following web page:


    Yours truly,


  16. Ken Arnold says:

    I purchased a Shatz 400-day clock in 1954. It is not in running condition now. I took it to a repair place in Garden Grove, and after three attempts they still did not get it fixed. When I turn the pendulum and release it, it will run for 5-10 minutes and then die. I live in Long Beach, CA. Do you know a reliable repair person??

    Thanks, Ken

  17. Bill Stoddard says:

    I specialize in repairing these clocks, please see the following web page:

  18. Adele Lewis says:

    Hell-o, we have a Schatz clock whicj from what I have been reading was made in 1949, we can’t get it to work, could you direct me to a website that has a manual we could use and one other thing is we lost a horseshoe piece that is very tiny, could that be the spring? Thank you.

  19. Bill Stoddard says:

    Please see the following web page for information on my repair service: http://billsclockworks.com/repair/400Day.htm

    Sometimes other parts are damaged when a mainspring breaks, in which case the overhaul would cost more.

  20. John Green says:

    I have a Schatz-1949 Minature Pendulum Clock that is not keeping the Pendulum energized. when I start the Pendulum the minute hand moves when the Pemdulum cycles. When I try to wind the Main Spring, it winds about six clicks and then makes a sound and does not wind the spring . Is the spring broken? What is the cost of replacing the Spring, Labor and part? Merry Christmas, John

  21. Bill says:

    It’s the round guard with that slides with a thumb screw lock….

  22. Bill says:

    Hi Bill,
    I need a suspension spring guard for my Schatz 400 Day clock. It’s a #49 with no date stamp on the back but has the Schatz name on the dial. Can you help me?
    Thanks –

  23. Michael Herlihy says:

    I live in New Zeaaland and have a 400 day clock similar to that shown on your website as “Schatz about 1950”. Mine has no identification of any sort other than a trademark on the backplate of clock dial and 2 elephants. My 90mm dial is same as yours but without any text, gable top to the front plate has the 3 knobs but is higher and pierced with 2 holes, columns plain, dial bezel ornate. Condition VG but needs new torsion spring. Could you please confirm it is Schatz, date and if worth repairing.

  24. Bill Stoddard says:

    You may buy these keys on ebay. Or, I can sell you one for $15. Please send a check to:

    Bill’s Clockworks
    8 W. Columbia Street
    Flora, IN 46929

    Please specify that you need a key for a Schatz 49.

  25. kay smith says:

    My Mother had a Schatz anniversary clock dtd 49 that she gave to me. I do not have a key and would like to obtain one. Any suggestions? Thanks

  26. barb says:

    I judt found a henry coehler anniversary clock made in west germany, has kern on the face, and heso on the back, the key has ks on it. can you give me any information on tis clock? Thank You Barb

  27. Mike S says:

    I have the exact same clock you have pictured, and have replaced the spring with the correct size spring, and have cleaned and oiled it with nye clock oil. Have leveled it and have adjusted the top that turns so that the pallets release evenly on both sides. But it stops periodically. I am wondering if the adjustment of where the two fingers engage the rod attached to the pallets needs to be, does it need to be near the top of the rod or closer to the pallets? Or what is the distance between the part attached to the fingers and where the spring is held at the top? All the pivots move freely. How far does your pendulum turn? One full turn? Three quarter turn? Does the radius of movement have anything to indicate an adjustment? Is there any chance that something is worn and preventing the full force to keep the pendulum moving? Thanks.

  28. Rodrigo Vargas says:

    Where I can replace only the engine clock of a royal marine made by agust schatz and sohne

  29. Bill says:

    Hi June, You can check to see if there is a date on the back. There will be digits for the month and year. For example, 8 53 will be August 1953. If there is no date, then it was made between 1949 and mid-1952.

  30. June says:

    Sorry its a 400 day clock.

  31. June says:

    Hi Bill
    We were given a Schatz pedulam clock on the face has Schatz and at the bottom of the dial has made in germany Can you tell me how old it is roughly?

  32. Bill says:

    I’ll be happy to repair it. Please see my 400 day clock repair page for pricing information:


  33. Ruth says:

    I have a mantel clock as described in comment #15 only mine has a 7 & 55 on it. The key is missing and the string that holds the ball pendulums is gone. It’s been in my family since I was a kid but I don’t remember if it works. Is it fixable and what would it cost (ballpark) to fix it?

  34. Bill says:

    These colored ones are less common than the regular brass ones.

  35. rich says:

    i have a clock that is exactly the same as described above as the 4oo day 1949-1950 in perfect working order except the face, ball pendulums, and pillars are a rose color. is this rare or common and any value? thanks for any info….rich

  36. heba says:

    Hi i am from egypt my father had a watch that has data no(0)jewels unadjucted 1 55 and aug – schatz & sohne 49 germany

  37. Randy says:

    I have a battery powered (size C batrery) anniversary clock with a glass dome with the words on the bottom, “Aug. Schatz and Sohne” with what appears to say “Onf 1 Jewels” It was made in West Germany. I purchased it in 1981. The clock still keeps time, however, the ball pendulum has stoped working (appears to be catching on something)and the two hammer chimes striker chimes one hour ahead of the correct time. I have three questions. (1) Can the ball pendulum problem be fixed by taking it apart and oiling? (2) Can the chimes problem be corrected. And (3) If not, can I order parts somewhere to replace. Thank you for whatever help you can give me.

  38. Peter says:

    I have a battery powered (size C battery) Schatz with ‘Aug. Schatz & Sohne’ with what appears to be ‘ONF 1 Jewels’ then underneath ‘W121’ stamped on the metal backing plate. The ball pendulum is driven by a separate motor in the base. Could you give me any details about it? Thank you.

  39. Coleen says:

    Thanks Bill,
    My clock plays 3 different chime melodies. Do you know if it has a name like other Schatz clocks?

  40. Bill says:

    Schatz made these chime clocks in the late 1950s and early 1960s. They are attractive because you can see the whole works, but they can be expensive to repair. Some of them play only Westminster chimes, and some have a choice of 3 chime melodies.

  41. Coleen says:

    Hi Bill,
    I was given a Schatz clock recently and I know nothing about it. I have been looking all over the internet for information but I haven’t been able to find anything about this particular clock. I came across this site and I hope you can please tell me something about my clock.
    The whole clock looks like brass with plastic on all 4 sides. The name Schatz is on the dial and on the back of the clock. A small circle contains the words : AUG.SCHATZ&SOHNE GERMANY and in the middle of the circle is : W3
    This clock has 3 key holes on the dial and small hammers that strike bars that play a tune every 15 minutes. On the underside of the case it says: AUG.SCHATZ&SOHNE
    Thank you, Coleen

  42. David says:

    Hello bill,
    Would you be so kind as to take a look at this topic:
    Could you tell me about it?When was it make?What kind of battery to put in?

    Thank you,


  43. art bjornestad says:

    If any readers know of a Schatz anniversary clock with a battery powered motor that might be for sale, please write me. Thanks [email protected]

  44. David says:

    Hello Bill,

    I have a 400 days clock with the same dial(earthenware).
    It is an electro-méchanical one(not a quartz!),with a suspension spring,just like the classicals ones made by KERN.

    PS:Excuse my rosted english,I’m french…


  45. Admin says:

    Schatz did make some clocks that are battery operated but look like 400 day clocks. They are not as common as the windups.

  46. James says:


    I have a schatz 400 day clock I want to know if its fake or not. It has a plastic cover and its battery operated. My parents brought it in the 70’s in Hong Kong someone help me out please

  47. Bill says:

    The following web site shows suspension springs and instructions on eBay:


  48. Keith Wagoner says:

    I hope you can help me with a Kundo (on face) anniversary clock I picked up at the Goodwill for $5.00. I am not a “clock” expert or even a novice but I like old things and tinkering. My clock has a broken suspension spring (I think). Can you please help me locate a replacement part and provide any pointers you may have on its installation and subsequent “tuning” of this cute old clock? I am hoping to have it ready by Christmas for my wife. Thank you for your time.

  49. Bill says:

    Hi Peter, Your web site is looking good! You are welcome to use any of my photos, just give credit that they came from clockinfo.com. You can click on the photo, then click again to get a high resolution version.

    – Bill

  50. Bill I see the 400 day clock is in a New condition
    in future I want some fotos of these clocks (special models) for my website.
    I am now working on watches up to 1500.
    Regards Peter

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