400 Day Clock Suspension Spring Sizes

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A company called Horolovar makes suspension springs for 400 day clocks. Various thicknesses are available. If the spring is too thick the clock will gain time, and if too thin it will lose time

Suspension Spring Thickness for Schatz 400 Day and 1000 Day Clocks

Schatz clocks have a model number inside a circle on the back plate (49, 53, 54 or JUM/7). The other numbers on the back of a Schatz clock are the date code (month and year). Here are the suspension spring thicknesses for Schatz 400 day and 1000 day clocks:

  • Schatz standard size clock (49 on back plate): .004 inch
  • Schatz miniature (53 on back plate): .0023 inch (Note 4-8-12: I now recommend a 0.0024 inch thick spring)
  • Schatz 1000 day clock (54 on back plate): .0024 inch
  • Schatz midget 400 day clock (JUM/7 on back plate): .0022 inch

Suspension Spring Thickness for Kundo 400 Day Clocks

  • Kundo full sized clock (about 12″ tall): .0032 inch
  • Kundo miniature clock (about 9″ tall, including the oval base model): .0023 inch (Note 4-8-12: I now recommend a 0.0024 inch thick spring)
  • Kundo midget (similar to the miniature but the anchor pin has an offset bend and makes contact with the fork slightly behind the back plate): .0022 inch

For other clocks, you will need the Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide to determine the proper spring thickness. Note: measuring the old spring’s thickness is not a reliable method, as the spring may not be a Horolovar brand spring. The Repair Guide and suspension springs are available from Norkro.com and other clock parts suppliers.

The thicknesses given above are for genuine Horolovar suspension springs, which most clock suppliers sell. You may want to ask to be sure you are getting Horolovar suspension springs.

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  2. Sonia Songer says:

    I have an original Schatz 400 day clock (49) brass. My problem is the Suspension wire is broken and the piece that’s supposed to be at the end of it is missing. I have the book and the key but I don’t have the spare suspension wire or what ever might be at the end of it. Does anyone know what I can do to find the parts I need. The book shows me how to replace the suspension wire. I live in central California and I’m sure I can afford the new suspension wire, but not to send it off to be fixed by someone else. Can anyone help me find the new suspension wire and the piece that I’m missing. Thank you so much for any help or information you can give.

  3. Cecil says:

    Hi, I have a Kundo clock about 9″ tall and it stops working after about an hour. Im assuming it needs a new suspension spring. Is there a guide or template to measure and cut the new spring to the correct size.

  4. Bill Stoddard says:


    The new .004 inch thick wires will work in the Schatz 49, as long as long as they are Horolovar brand. I have been using them for years. They are correct for the clock.

  5. Ross Phares says:

    Hey Bill, I am surprized not to find any referance to my delema. I have a 1953 Schatz 49 and bought a package of .004″ suspention wires. They are notably different from the original (as well as the spare that came with it). All are the correct .004″ thickness however, the originals are .021″ wide and the new are .016″ wide. That seems like a hugh discrepancy in tortional effect.
    What say you? Thanks very much Ross

  6. Billy says:

    I can’t figure out how to remove the wire from the block just above the weights. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. gordon drew says:

    hi, ihave a schatz clock with a broken suspension spring could you please send an email with the lenghts of suspension springs on
    and oblige kind regards
    bradford west yorks.
    71a market street
    bd13 3en

  8. paul zhang says:

    hi,bill.iam paul,ihave a zodica sign 400 day clock,and is 7″-9″high.no brand.made in germany.can you tell me what the suspension spring size for it to me?thankyou.

  9. Brian says:

    Hi Bill,
    I recently inherited a Schatz 49 Anniversary Clock (1/1955). The problem is they seemed to have used plastic for the three adjusting level wheels. 1 of 3 is in good working order. One is broke in half and the other is missing altogether. Do you have any suggestion finding OEM parts or a substitute?

  10. terry says:

    hi bill
    i have a kundo miniature 400 day clock
    the suspension wire requires replaceing
    can you please tell me the size to cut the wire

    thank you terry capetown southafrica

  11. bob says:

    How do you tell dates on Kondo 400 day clocks?

  12. Ron. says:

    Hi Bill,I need a suspension spring for a Solar clock German movement F H S 921-001.

  13. Darren W. Garansi says:

    Hi Bill,
    I have a Kundo 12″ anniversary clock. I have replaced the suspension spring and I can’t get it to continue working after I initially get it going. It comes to a halt after a few minutes and won’t self sustain. What should I do? Any help would be great.

  14. Andrew Valenti says:

    I need a suspension spring for a Schatz 1000 day clock. Will you sell me one (or two)?

  15. Ton Ijsseldijk says:

    where would I be able to buy a bottom block for a koma 400 day clock? I am in New Zealand!

  16. Bill says:

    The 400 Day Clock Repair Guide suggests a 0.004 inch thick spring for old Becker movements.

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