1950’s Regula Cuckoo Clock Movement

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I just overhauled a 1950’s cuckoo clock with a Regula 8 day movement.This older movement is different from the modern one, so I am illustrating it here. This movement needed to have the pivots polished and bushings installed. The pivots were not too badly worn, but some appeared to not have been well polished when new.

The case is 18 1/4 inches tall including the top carving; and 15 1/4 inches tall without the top. The overall diameter of the dial is 4 1/4 inches.

The weights are labeled “1500” and weigh 1545 and 1530 grams. It doesn’t matter which weight goes on which side.

A couple years ago I overhauled my own cuckoo clock with the same movement, that my uncle sent to my parents from Germany in the late 1950’s. It had been unreliable most of its life. The pinion of the time third wheel was very badly worn, so I installed a new pivot, and polished the remaining pivots. It now runs very well.

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  1. geraldnathorst says:

    need help

  2. geraldnathorst says:

    dear im having trouble putting new staples on front of clock what is the right way to put on

  3. Dick Morel says:

    Please call me, I am a clock repair man.
    Thank you. 320-444-0981.
    Dick Morel, New London, MN 56273

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