Seth Thomas Dark Mahogany Tambour Mantel Clock, ca. 1920

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This Seth Thomas tambour mantel clock is very plain, yet is a great example of an old clock of classic design that will be reliable for many years. It has the No. 89 movement, very reliable and efficient, and one of their best movements, in my opinion. The clock is 17 inches wide, 9 1/8 inches tall. The minute hand is 2 5/16 inches long. The dial is silver-plated brass with printed numerals. The heavy wire gong (often called Cathedral gong) gives a very rich tone.

Tran Duy Ly’s book “Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements, Third Edition, Volume 3″ shows this clock is called “Tambour 12″, 1922 version.

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Sold 7-26-12. Installed 11 bushings. It has the original mainsprings:

  • Time mainspring: 3/4 by 0.0176 inches
  • Strike mainspring: 3/4 by 0.0173 inches

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