Seth Thomas Staunton Tambour Mantel Clock, 1941

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The Seth Thomas August 1941 Clock Catalog shows the Staunton mantel clock on page 11. It is available in electric (Staunton-1E) and windup (Staunton-1W). The example illustrated here is the windup version, with a movement date of 41-7 (July 1941).

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Here is the catalog description:

STAUNTON-1E  (Ilus. Left)
With self-starting electric movement
Strikes hours and half-hours on coiled gong of bell metal

Same with 8-day pendulum movement
Announces hours and half-hours by rich chords on double rods

To see the Staunton is to be impressed by its pleasing symmetry and well-balanced appearance. The natural beauty of richly finished wood is accented by the gracefully sweeping lines of the tambour design. Cabinet is mahogany with overlaid front panel of distinctly grained crotch mahogany veneer. 5-inch dial is in light ivory with numerals and hands in deep brown. Fully polished sash. Height 8 1/8 inches. Width 17 1/2 inches. Depth 4 3/8 inches. Packed singly. Approximate shipping weight 8 pounds.

The price list gives the following prices for both the electric and windup versions:

Recommended retail $16.50
Dealer price, 1 – 5 $10.15
Dealer price, 6 or more $9.75

My post, Seth Thomas Mantel Clock Movement dated June 1942 describes the windup 8-day pendulum movement used in this clock.

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  1. Bill Stoddard says:

    Usually a number 6 winding key and a 0000 (4/0) regulating key (or a No. 0 pocket watch key for the regulator).

  2. RLP says:

    I have a 1949 version of this in 2-W. I have no key for it. Any idea what size will fit?

  3. RLP says:

    I have a 1949 version of this in 2-W. I have no key for it. Any idea whick key size will fit?

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