Schatz Standard 400 Day Clock with Unusual Levelers, 1953

Here’s a Shatz standard 400 day clock I repaired. The movement has date code 3 53 (March 1953) and the base has two unusual levelers. Most Schatz standard clocks have no levelers at all, and a few have three leveling discs each with a metal spring steel holder with two screws. This one has square leveling pegs that protrude through a projection in the plastic composite base material. See first and second pictures below.

The dial and pillars are painted ivory color with flowers, and the base was originally painted too. This paint is often fragile and flaking.

This clock has an auxiliary mainspring, contained in a barrel on the 4th gear (see pictures 3, 4 and 5). It is a very narrow and thin spring. It was intended to equalize the timekeeping as the main mainspring ran down, but it did not help any and wasn’t used for long.

See more pictures.

Repair job 8819. I burnished or polished the pivots, and installed a new suspension spring (0.004 inch thick, unit 7). Horolovar back plate number 1283. I supplied a No. 8 large wing key for the clock.

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