Seth Thomas Mahogany Adamantine Mantel Clock

Here’s a beautiful Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clock I repaired. The mahogany color Adamantine case is 18 1/8 inches wide and 11 1/8 inches tall. The minute hand is 2 1/8 inches long, and the dial is coated card stock. The clock strikes the hour and half-hour on a cathedral (heavy wire) gong. The six half-columns are made of celluloid.

Adamantine Seth Thomas’s name of the celluloid material this case is veneered with. It was made in various colors such as black, white, mahogany, green, and more.

See more pictures.

Repair job 8799. The strike ratchet gear had a missing tooth (see second picture), and I had a new ratchet gear made and installed (third picture). I installed two new mainsprings, both 11/16 x 0.015 x 108 inches, polished or burnished the pivots and installed 14 bushings. I closed the pallets slightly to get the locks and drops correct.

The movement is model 88AD, a variation of the No. 89 with a polished, solid back plate and hour and half-hour strike with a single hammer.

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