Ingraham “Colby” Oak Mantel Clock, 1924

I repaired this Ingraham oak cased mantel clock for a customer. It appears to be the “Colby” model, as shown in the 1927 – 1928 Ingraham catalog. This example is dated 12 24 (December 1924) on the movement. The case is 9 3/4 ” tall and 11 1/4″ wide, and the minute hand is 2 1/4″ long. The dial is paper covered with celluloid. This 8-day clock strikes the hour and half-hour.

The similar models “Cody” and “Colgate” are also shown in the Ingraham catalog and they call them the “College Assortment”.

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Repair job 8766. The cannon pinion had split, so I found a replacement from another old Ingraham movement. I cross-drilled the pinion and center arbor and inserted a pin to hold the pinion in place. The original was driven on with a tight friction fit, which caused it to split. The hand set tension washer applies pressure to the pinion, so it needs to be secure or it won’t stay in place.

I polished the pivots, installed 12 bushings, replaced the thin brass clicksprings with steel spring wire, and secured gear S3 on its hub.

The strike mainspring was a replacement that was too thick (0.0192 inch!). The time mainspring may have been original (0.0176 inch thick). I replaced both mainsprings with the MS301 (3/4 x .014 by 108 inches). This nice, long mainspring makes the clock keep consistent time from fully wound to run down 7 days.

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