Schatz “Mademoiselle” 400 day clock

I  just finished repairing this Schatz “Mademoiselle” 400 day clock, dated 7 56 (July 1956) on the movement. This clock has the Schatz miniature model 53 movement. This clock has a matching wall bracket that it sits on.

Repair Job 4945.

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  1. Hello I just came across one of these cool little clocks. And I’m wondering should it have a key? If so mine did not have one ? were could I get one and how much do they cost? That’s if I need one which I’m sure I do.

  2. After an overhaul and correct adjustment, the motion is usually around 360 degrees or slightly more. But if yours is keeping time ok, you can probably leave well enough alone.

  3. I have this Schatz “Mademoiselle” 400 day clock and I was watching the video an noticed the pendulum swung 360deg. Mine swings 180deg. this has to do with the position of the arm on the suspension band which I moved down because it wouldn’t run. It is keeping time though. Your comments please.


  4. The clock market is soft except for rare clocks, so you would probably spend as much on repairs as it could be sold for currently. I can’t give a value as I have not seen how much this model sells for.

  5. repair job 4945 can you tell me if these clocks are worth investing in repairs. Pendulum is not attached but I have a silver key and what might be the wallmount I’ve heard mentioned. What would be the most I should put into it. No sentimental value.

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