Listening to Clock Chiming and Striking on Web Site

21134-N90340_smI recently added chime and strike sounds of many of the Hermle and Chelsea clocks to the Bills Clockworks web site. It was challenging to record the sounds and have them sound realistic. The microphone had to be located close to the clock (about 8″ away) or else too much background noise was picked up and the recording was not loud enough, but the closeness over-emphasized the mechanical noises from the movement (such as the click made near the end of the chime when the strike is being activated). In real life, the listener is not aware of these sounds when she is located several feet or more away from the clock.

A challenge was to make the sound buttons compatible with as many types of computers as possible. I did not want a sound player window to pop up, I wanted just a button that the user can click to play the sound. On some windows PCs, the user must give permission the first time a button is clicked. Macintosh computers that I have tested handle the sound fine.

Please test these sounds on your PC and let me know if they play. Also tell me the type of PC (Mac or windows), operating system (such as Windows XP or Vista), and the web browser (such as Explorer 6 or 7). You may leave a comment below. These two links will open a new window or tab in your browser:

Hermle Chime and Strike Sounds

Chelsea Ship’s Bell Strike Sounds


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