Schatz Diamond Dial 400 Day Clock, Made in May 1960

I just restored this Schatz standard size 400 day clock with diamond-shaped dial. The movement is dated 5 60 (May 1960) on the back. I think this is one of the most beautiful of 400 day clock designs. Made in the Black Forest of Germany.

The customer told me she had just taken it to a repair shop but that they were unable to repair it. After the movement was disassembled and cleaned, I found a few things that needed doing, in addition to pivot polishing:

  • The front anchor pivot was bent and needed straightening (these pivots are thin and get bent easily);
  • The rear center pivot was bent and needed straightening (this pivot much thicker than the anchor pivots and is not very easy to accidentally bent);
  • Two bushings had been installed in the past (I don’t recommend installing bushings in 400 day clocks) and one was not quite upright and the hole was slightly too tight. I was able to upright the hole with a cutting broach, then I used a smoothing broach to polish it.

I replaced the broken suspension spring, and the clock ran properly. Below is a video:

Here are some photos:

The movement is Horolovar back plate no. 1014A. Suspension unit 6789 with .004 inch thick suspension spring. The base has plastic leveling discs. Repair job 5029.

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  1. Bill,

    I have aSchatz clock which I purchased back in 1982 for my mother, the closk still runs perfectly but would not chime,I finallygot it to chime on the 1/4 and half hour however it does not shime on the hour what am i doing wrong ? Thank-you I cannot find a model on it except for the words SCHATZ & STONE THEN “W3” AND “SEVEN “7” JEWELS


  2. Bill,
    The 400 day clock look very nice.
    I have your site of Watch & Clock Parts Alfabetical USA also now on my site.
    In the future i want some foto of 400 day clocks for my site i have already some but I have now a lot to do on my site to complete some watches and musea.
    Greetings Peter

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