Picture of Urgos Grandfather Clock Movement Parts

I thought it would be fun to show all the parts of this movement. In the first photo it has been disassembled and is ready for cleaning. You can tell it needs cleaning by the black deposits on the pivots (the ends of the gear shafts that turn in the holes in the brass movement plates). Many of the parts are strung on wires for convenience in cleaning. Parts such as the hands, chains and hammer heads are not put in the cleaning fluid.

This movement plays Westminster chimes on each quarter hour, and strikes the number of each hour after the hour chime. The time gear train is in the center, chiming on the right, and hour striking on the left. A clock that chimes has about twice as many parts as one with just hour and half-hour striking.

Many of the pivots needed polishing to remove wear, and I installed 19 bushings to correct for wear in the pivot holes.

The movement is labeled at the bottom:

Gravely Furn. Co. Inc.
Martinsville, VA USA
Made in Germany
No ()) Jewels
PL 85 CM

This movement goes to a Ridgeway grandfather clock.

Repair job 4968.

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  1. If you all have a complete movement with pendulum and weights, you can send your movement to Mark Butterworth in Ohio. Mark invented a bearing that replaces certain high wear bushings. Your movement will come back better than new! Look him up.

  2. Is there a place I can buy parts for an old Urgos UW 32012B? It must have a new serial number because I can’t find any information on this model. Can you help?

  3. I have recently cleaned and rebushed a urgos grandfather clock movement, put it back together and now I am having trouble with the hour and quater hour chime not stopping. Do you have any info on where the stops and levers should be positioned to fix this problem? Thank you

  4. I have a older Ridgeway Urgos clock that was shipped and some of the pieces were lost.

    It is a UW 32575D.

    Need 1 chain with ends, 3 Brass weight covers with end caps and rods, and the complete pendalum.

    Any help in locating these parts would be appreciated.

    Call Ronnie at 575-441-3276

  5. HiI am looking for Urgos tubular clock movement (9 tubes),used,might be for repair(with automatic night-off function ) for the reasonable price.

    Thank you , BR

  6. Hi
    I have purchase Urgos triple chiming movement with dial, pendulum and chain but there is no weights ? The number on the back side of the movement is UW 03012B. Can you please suggest me what should the weight for each train ?
    Thank you

  7. I just bought an Ethan Allen model-AE3802 clock and was wondering what this clock is actually worth? Hopefully you can help me, thank you.

  8. Good afternoon,

    We just rescued an old Grandfather clock from the Salvation Army store that is in need of some love. What I know about Grandfather clocks is what I’ve been able to summize from the internet over the last few days. It is an Urgos 9-tube movement. Our clock is missing weights. I’ve been able to find what weights I need but I’ve only been able to find 2 of the 3. I know I need 7.7,7.7 and a 17.7. I’m not seeing the 17.7 weight anywhere. Do you happen to know if it something that I’m going to be able to find?
    Thank you kindly.

    Looking for some advice and direction,

  9. will you sell this Urgos mechanism to me, I think this will fr the Urgos Wall clock I have.
    The one I had was sent to the repairer who absconded with the mechanism after he went bust and left the remaining parts in his rented shop which I managed to salvage.
    I have the dial, the hands, the pendulum and the case with the gongs.
    I now wneed a mechanism and all the other mechanisms I have tried are a bit too small of this dial, the arbors do not fit the train holes and the center of the dial of my Urgos dial.

    Restoring this clock is so important to me it belonged to my grandfather and I am now 65, so you can imagine the passion to get this one right.

    I own a bout 50 clocks mostly Westminster and other chiming clocks.


  10. Thanks for posting these pictures. They were helpful in identifying the piece that was broken, the suspension spring. We just inherited the clock an Ethan Allen model AE 3802, with the Urgos UW32/1A movement. It is a little unclear what part to order for replacement but I am trying the #4 suspension spring from timesavers.com as it seems close to the right dimensions (18mm by 8mm with 13mm between hole and pin). Thanks again!

  11. I have an Urgos model 868145. Made in Germany No (0) Jewels. It has 6 weights if that makes sense. I would like to know where I can get more information about it to possibly sell it. I was hoping someone can lead me in the right direction please. Thank you for your time.

  12. I bought a Colonial 9 tube clock from someone that said the center weight doesn’t stay up. From the little I know, I knew that the clicking mechanism was out of place and thought maybe I could fix it. When I bought the clock sure enough he handed me the clicker and the e clip. I started to take it apart but chickened out half way through and put it back together. Can I get some directions so that I won’t mess this thing up? No other work needs to be done, bushings are all good, etc. Thanks, Mark

  13. Hi, my name is Dan from Clock Depot in Minnesota. I’ve got a problem and need some help finding production assembly schematics for a urgos 03038B 9 tube movement. Is there any way that you could assist me with finding this. I would be very appreciative

    Thanks so much,

  14. I have a urgos UW32670D 8401 movement I need to find what length of pendulum is used for that movement. Thanks Don

  15. Hi, I have the casing of an Urgos wall clock with the striking rods attached to the rear of the casing. I have with the pendulum, face, hands.
    I need the entire mechanical movement complete with eight strike hammers to complete my clock.
    Can you tell me where I can get this. I wnat mechanical parts.

  16. Hi i have a Urgos Grandfather clock size (approx) is 194cms by 66cm the face is 30cm i was wondering where i can sell this and how much do u think its worth. Thanku Nat

  17. I have an Urgos movement (uw32076b) with the westminster chimes. works normally most of the time but on occasion, the chime continuously runs. any idea on what might be causing this?


  18. I have a clock made in germany model 122 movement – E serial # 345. I need the reference number and where to buy the suspension spring to URGOS UW32/1A.


  19. I am replacing my Urgos UW03012 movement in my Ridgeway Grandfather Clock due to worn bushings. I would like to (slowly) replace the worn bushings in my old movement during the 2-year warrantee period that comes with my new Urgos movement. (The old one is still working fine, except it takes a heavier center weight to swing the pendulum.) Where do I get a bushing kit?

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