Seth Thomas 8-Day OG Shelf Clock

I recently repaired the movement of this Seth Thomas 8-day OG shelf clock.

Before repair, the clock would run for several minutes and then stop. While running, it would go in and out of beat (the ticking would sometimes be even and sometimes uneven).

The movement was taken apart and cleaned. The major problem was that some of the escape wheel teeth were non-uniform. I used the Webster escape wheel tooth straightener to ensure that all the teeth were at the same angle. The wheel was mounted in the lathe and the teeth bought to a uniform height, then the burrs were removed. The pallets were polished, the worn pinion wires in the escape wheel pinion were replaced, the pivots polished, and bushings installed in the worn pivot holes.

The following video shows the escapement action before and after repair:

The following video shows the movement in the case and shows the hour striking:

It is possible that the movement is not original to the case. We suspect this for two reasons:

  • The pendulum bob is quite low in the case;
  • The end of the center arbor touches the glass when the door is closed.

The movement is labeled “Plymouth” which means that it was made in 1865 or earlier when the town where Seth Thomas was located had the name “Plymouth Hollow”. It 1865 the town name was changed to Thomaston to honor Mr. Thomas. The case label says “Thomaston” so this could be a transition clock made around 1865, or it could be a later case with a older movement. The reverse painted glass is not original to the case, it appears to be a New Haven multicolored glass.

The weights are replacements, weighing as follows:

  • Time weight: 8 pounds 1 ounce
  • Strike weight: 6 pounds 9 ounces

Repair job 5064.

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