Kundo and Welby Standard 400 day Clocks with Large Dial

These 2 clocks have large dials with 3 5/8 inch time track (the standard dial has 3 1/4 inch time track). They have attractive skeleton hands. Kundo made both clocks. The left one says “Welby” on the dial and movement.

The left one has the type of pendulum used for many years (it has a slot in the top part of each pendulum arm). The right one has the later type of pendulum without slots in the arms (I wonder if it originally had the earlier type).

The left clock has the longer, earlier type of movement mounting nuts (visible beneath the platform). The right clock has the later type of short mounting nuts.

Kundo used 2 methods to mount the dial to the movement. Earlier dials have taper pins through posts. Later dials have rotating fasteners. The photos below show both types.

Here is a video of these clocks:

Repair jobs 5079 and 5100.

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  1. I found one of these in my Grandfathers attic. Also looking to get it repaired. Any tips?

  2. Looking for clock hands for a 9″ kundo 400 day clock. I have managed to find all the other parts and I can find hands for the standard 11″ clock but nothing for the 9″ clock. Can you help me?

  3. I’ve recently purchased a rose patterned Kundo 400 day clock.I’m wondering what it might be worth

  4. I have a welby clock similar to the one on your web page that is in need of repair. I am trying to discover the value of the clock to determine if it is worth repairing. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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