Jahresuhrenfabrik 400 Day Clock ca. 1949

Here is a Jahresuhrenfabrik (Year Clock Company) 400 day clock made about 1949 in Germany. This company’s clocks were given the name Schatz soon after this. This clock has an attractive and unusual style of bezel around the dial, with wide front section and embossed decoration. The movement has the same gearing as older Jahresuhrenfabrik movements. This is the first movement with 49 in the circle on the back plate, characterized by not saying “No (0) Jewels Unadjusted.”

The dial is held by taper pins (later ones used collars held by a screw). It has the early style of motion work, with a cock holding the minute wheel. Later motion work has a screw through the center of the minute wheel.

The suspension guard has a short slider. It is probably original, although it looks like a later one with the top part cut off.

The base is like that on Kundo clocks of the period. I’ll need to see more examples to know if it is original to this clock.

Here is a video:

Here is a slide show:

Repair job 5122. Horolovar back plate no. 1271. Suspension spring thickness .004 inches. I cleaned the movement, polished 7 pivots, and smooth broached the pivot holes.

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  1. Hi, It should have a flat, narrow, nickel-steel alloy wire for the suspension spring. Old clocks aren’t bringing as much as they used to, so it is worth having repaired if the clock has great sentimental value to you. Details of my repair service are on the following web page: https://billsclockworks.com/repair/400Day.htm

  2. I have been gifted one. Very attractive. Schatz on dial but no “pie crust” effect around bezel. It has what seems to be a nylon fishing line for the suspension. Is this correct? It need a service and I would like to ask if this clock would be worth it.

  3. I would like to have my parent’s clock repaired. I live near Milwaukee, WI U.S.A. Do you know where I can get it repaired?

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