Seth Thomas “Plymouth” Tambour Mantel Clock

Here is another “Plymouth” tambour mantel clock by Seth Thomas (see this post for two others). This one does not have a date code, I estimate that it is from the early 1930s. It has a no. 89I movement that strikes the hours and half-hours on a coil gong. The movement has a code of R-6 on the back.

The case is 19 3/4 inches wide and 9 1/4 inches tall. The dial has a 4.5 inch time track, and is aluminum with embossed and painted numerals.

The movement has the original mainsprings that still open up very far and provide plenty of power. They are 3/4  inch wide loop end springs. The thicknesses are:

Time mainspring: 0.017 inch

Strike mainspring: 0.0167 inch

Job 5146. I had last repaired this clock over 10 years ago, and it just needed to be disassembled and cleaned to make it run well again.

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  1. Many of these clocks use a number 6 (American size) winding key and a 0000 regulating key.

  2. Hello,

    I am needing a winding key for the Plymouth mantle clock (Seth Thomas Plymouth No. 891 Series 8-day pendulum) I do not know what size the key is that will work with this particular clock. As I looked on-line for a key I realized there are many sizes.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I have the exact same clock I would also like to know the date of manufacture I see several suggestions here I’m going to assume it’s from the 30s the one problem having though is after it runs for a while it stops and I have to keep restarting it this is a new problem it worked flawlessly for the last 20 years any suggestions

  4. Hi Teresa,

    Many American clock companies made banjo clocks, so I would have to see the movement to determine the maker.

  5. I have a Plymouth George Washington 8 day clock Banjo type. It is a Seth Thomas? I do not find that name on it though I have seen other folks refer to it as a Seth Thomas. Were reproductions made by other companies? Thanks

  6. Hi I have read all the above notes
    I have this same clock with the chime coil
    in the center the picture posted has the same scroll
    painted in front under dial on the brass clock works
    left side 78747 R-4 also 891 so it came with key and
    glass on front cover missing works only a few minutes and
    stops needs cleaning how do you find out value and year made?
    Thanks Dennis

  7. Hello,
    I have this exact clock that my mother gave me. It belonged to her parents. They purchased it when they were married about 75yrs. ago. It is running slow and sometimes stops ticking altogether. I suspect it needs to be cleaned and maybe some parts replaced. Please email me with details on repairing this clock. Thank you, Richard Hammer

  8. Bill, I have a Plymouth mantel clock I purchased at an antique mall for $90.00 about 10 years ago. It has the 891 stamp on the workings however my strikes on each quarter hour as well as the hour.It has an ” S 11″ stamp just below the 891. Looks identical to the one you have pictured except I have some inlay work along the bottom. What would this clock be worth? Just had it cleaned and some parts replaced. Works perfectly

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