Kundo Oval 400 Day Clock, 1950s

This popular 400 day clock from the 1950s has an oval base and dome. It uses the Kundo miniature 400 day clock movement with a 0.0023 inch thick Horolovar suspension spring. It has a pendulum locking device at the bottom rear of the movement.

Here is a video:

Repair job 5144. I cleaned the movement and polished one rough pivot. The suspension spring was good.

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  1. The plate 140 6 H is actually 1970 according to the book.
    I thought it was older myself.

  2. As a matter of fact,I put a 0023 inch spring as you say here,but the clock turned too fast.The spring is from France Fourniture,not Horolovar.Then I tried with a 002 inch spring from France Fourniture,and then the clock run properly.

  3. Hello there,
    I got the same clock,but I had to change the spring.
    It is not as easy to do as the usual ones.
    Can someone give a precise date for this model?

    I love this machine,anyway!
    (please, be patient with my rosted english…)

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