Koma standard 400 day clock, painted with flowers, 1950s.

This 400 day clock has a Koma standard movement, but the dial is labeled “Elbico”. Parts of the clock are finished in black paint, with hand painted flowers on the dial, pillars and pendulum.

The suspension guard on the rear has 2 “wings” which hinge down to protect the lower end of the suspension spring during shipping.

Repair job 5148. Horolovar back plate number 1393, 0.0035 inch thick suspension spring, suspension unit 13A.

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  1. Hi Bill. I inherited a Schatz Standard 400 Day Ivory Painted Dial With Flowers clock. The face is now chipping. Is it in my best interest to get it fixed? Thank you

  2. Hi there, Bill,

    I just wanted to pick your brain about these black floral koma 400 day clocks. I’m considering buying one but unsure how to determine its age and if the price is too high or not. The one I found is very much like the one in your photo in your article but it haa floral design painted along its black base.
    Thanks for your kind assistance and advice.

    Very much appreciated.

    Yours sincerely,


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