Gilbert Tambour Mantel Clock with Bim-Bam Striking

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I just repaired this Gilbert tambour mantel clock that was made around the 1930s. It has bim-bam strike on the hour and half-hour. Height 9 1/2 inches, width 21 5/8 inches. Dial time track 5 3/8 inches. The aluminum dial is labeled:

Gilbert / 1807 / Made by Gilbert in Winsted, Conn., U.S.A.

The following movie shows the bim-bam striking:

The movement needed a lot of pivot polishing. The train pivots had moderate wear. The mainwheel pivots were very rough, and had probably left the factory this way!

The original 0.0175 inch thick strike spring was broken. The time mainspring was a previous replacement that was too strong: a Usibel France 0.00183 inch thick. I installed the following new mainsprings:

  • Time: R & M 83065 (same as their 77.308) 3/4 x 0.016 x 96 inches
  • Strike: R & M 77.308 3/4 x 0.0165 x 96 inches

The following movie shows the escapement motion when run down 8 1/2 days and when fully wound:

Repair job 5017.

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  1. Ann Taylor says:

    I have a Gilbert 1807 mantle clock and I am interested in knowing the value. Everything works except the key is missing. Can you tell me the value please ? Thanks

  2. Clock Bezel and Chime Bar says:

    I am based in the U.K. and have a Gilbert Tambour Mantle Clock which needs a three chime bar and a bezel / glass assembly. Parts seem impossible to get in the UK and similarly I cannot find a clock I can break for spares. Now considering importing what I need – Has anyone any ideas who might be able to supply what is needed.


  3. Sorry, it isn’t for sale, this is a customer’s clock that I repaired.

  4. Gus says:

    What is the asking price, including shipping to 22511?

  5. Gabe Petrella says:

    I have one Gilbert 1807 mantle clock in perfect condition that I would like to sell . Please call Gabe at 1-718-702-9497

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