Koma Midget 400 Day Clock

This midget 400 day clock was made by Koma (Konrad Mauch) in Germany in the late 1950s. It is 7 1/16 inches tall (to top of finial) and 4 11/16 inches wide. The dial diameter is 2 15/16 inches (including bezel).

The pendulum on this clock turns much faster than that on many 400 day clocks – 15 beats per minute. By comparison, standard size 400 day clocks make 8 beats per minute, and the Kern miniature makes only 6 beats per minute.

This album has more photos.

Here is a movie of this clock in operation

Here is a movie of this clock and a Kern miniature together:

Horolovar back plate no. 1393B. Suspension unit similar to 38 but uses smaller fork. Suspension spring .0022 inch thick (measure replacement spring carefully – the first one I tried was labeled 0.0022 but made the clock run too fast and was actually 0.0023 inch thick). The movement uses a pin pallet escapement.

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  1. Hello just wondered if you could help me. Just bought a midget 400 day koma anniversary clock.
    Problem is there os no pendulum and no suspention spring.
    I collect grandfather clocks so I am a little out of my depth at the moment.
    Kind Regards Carol

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