Four Schatz Cuckoo Clocks

I recently repaired 3 Schatz cuckoo clocks, and have photos of another I repaired several years ago. These examples show 4 case styles: maple leaf, hunting, oak leaf and multi-color. An earlier post shows the movement and gears of the Schatz hunting model cuckoo clock.

Schatz introduced their cuckoo clock movement in 1950, and probably made cuckoo clocks up until the late 1950s or early 1960s.

The movements are the same design, but I noticed some variations:

  • There are 2 different logo circles on the back plate. The earlier ones say: “Jahresuhrenfabrik Germany” around the circle and “50” in the center.  The later ones say: “Aug. Schatz & Sohne Germany” around the circle, and “KU 50” in the center.
  • One of the “50” movements has a brass lever to open and close the cuckoo door, the others have a blued steel lever.
  • The clocks with “50” movements had lighter weights that clocks with the “KU 50” movement. See bottom of article for a list of weights.

See a Schatz sales brochure that shows 2 models of cuckoo clock.

See more photos of the maple leaf cuckoo clock (has a “50” movement).

See more photos of the hunting cuckoo clock ((has a “50” movement).

See more photos of the oak leaf cuckoo clock (has a “KU 50” movement).

See more photos of the multi-color cuckoo clock (has a “KU 50” movement).

(Three of them don’t have their top piece in the pictures.)


I measured the chains on the multi-color clock: 42 links per foot, 1.2 mm wire diameter. I can’t find this size in any parts catalogs. The closest new chain I can find is Timesavers number 19616 43 links per foot. They will be better than nothing, but they sometimes jump a bit over the chainwheels.


  • Maple leaf cuckoo clock: about 2 pounds 12 ounces each.
  • Hunting model cuckoo clock: 2 pounds 12 ounces and 2 pounds 14 ounces.
  • Oak leaf cuckoo clock: 3 pounds 5 ounces and 3 pounds 6 ounces.
  • Multi-color cuckoo clock: 3 pounds 4 ounces and 3 pounds 5 ounces.

I believe the above list is in chronological order, it seems that Schatz used heavier weights for later clocks.

The Schatz is different from most cuckoos in that there are separate controls for door and bird – bird goes in and out with each cuckoo while the door stays open. Here is a video showing this:

Repair jobs 4492, 5325, 5537 and 5351

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  1. Did Schatz maple leaf cuckoos typically come with 2 different size weights? Which side uses the heavier weight? I have one that has weights marked 5 and 7 at the top. Are these even correct? Thank you Stephen

  2. I am working on my grandmother’s clock too. I had to replace the bellow’s top but the bottoms were still good. They are long bellows, with rectangular tops. I still had the bellows lift wires but had to get new hooks for the tops.

    My grandmother has been gone for 30 years and the clock had not worked in 40 years. Gave it a good cleaning with 3 in 1 penetrating oil, used tooth pick to clean pivots, then cleaned off 3 in 1 and then oiled clock with clock oil. I figured I had nothing to lose after 40 years. It ran right away when I put it back in case but I have had trouble getting it to cuckoo now that I put in the bellows.

  3. Hi! I’m trying to repair my grandparents cookoo clock for them. It hasn’t worked in years. I’m 17 and have never seen it work but it’s still hanging on the wall. They don’t know I’m fixing it.

    I have all of the movable parts working now. The weights work and the bird comes out. It was jammed and needed to be cleaned. and it’s trying to co koo but it looks like the ‘billows’ have been taken out, and I need the numbers. Two have fallen off.

    I looked online but there are too many- which ones do I get? It’s a ku50 Aug is there a good site?

    Help! Matt in Massachusetts

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