Schatz Copper Plated 400 Day Clock

This is the most unusal Schatz 400 day clock I’ve seen – it has a copper plated finish. It is the only one I’ve see in all my years of collecting and repairing clocks. When the clock came in for repair, the finish on the base had been damaged by attempted polishing. The movement and bezel still looked good!

I sent the following parts to Ken’s Clock Clinic for replating:

  • Pendulum parts: hook, 8 half-ball covers, 4 arms, regulator assembly, decorative washer and center assembly;
  • Case parts: 2 pillars, 4 pillar ends, platform, base cup, base cup screw, base, 3 finials.

The movement plates, suspension guard, guard washers, ratchet, ratchet cock, ratchet cock washer, bezel, saddle, saddle washer, saddle bridge, plate washers are copper plated. The hand nut, gear train and motion work are not copper plated.

This clock was made around 1949 or 1950. The dial has no maker’s name, and the pack plate says Jahresuhrenfabrik 49 Germany in a circle.

I didn’t clean the movment plates in cleaning fluid for fear of damaging the lacquer or the copper plating. I pegged and smooth broached the pivot holes to clean them. The movment is identified in the Horolovar 400 day clock book as plate no. 1278.

See more pictures.

I thank Ken of Ken’s Clock Clinic for taking on this plating project. The base was especially challenging to do.

Repair job 5073.

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