Schatz “London Coach” 400 Day (Anniversary) Clock

This beautiful model of Schatz 400 day clock was made from the mid-1950s into the 1960s or early 1970s. Here is one that I just finished repairing. The case is in good original condition. The movement needed cleaning, one pivot polished, and a new suspension spring.

Below is a photo of the gears and anchor before the back plate and anchor bridge were put on, followed by photos of the complete clock, the back, and a closeup of the back showing the locking device engaged with the pendulum (there is also a locking lever on the front, which is moved to the left to lock the pendulum).

Below are videos of the escapement in action, and the complete clock running with and without the dome.

Job 4785

Back plate: 1013A
Suspension unit: 10A
Suspension spring: 0.0024 inches (most of these clocks need a .0023 inch thick spring, but this one needed a .0024 to rate properly
Movement date: 8-55 (August 1955)

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  1. I just purchased a Shatz london coach 400 day clock (November 1954). But I have no clue or can find a clue on what the clock is worth. I purchased the clock at a thrift store and it works. Would you be able to help me?
    Thanks you, M.Lammey

  2. It is a good buy if it is working, otherwise it could cost a lot more to repair, depending on the condition of the movement. The following web page gives my repair prices:

    I repair many 400 day clocks, and in most instances, the clock has sentimental value to the owner.

  3. I saw a clock today at a local thrift store that looks just like this
    Schatz London Coach 400 Day (Anniversary) Clock. I didn’t look on the inside of it but noticed the Schatz name from Germany on the back(and face). It looked intact with just normal wear on the outer casing. I would be forever in you debt to learn if this would be a good buy or not. They wanted $68.50 for it. I have no idea how much they are worth, but it sure struck my eye when I saw it. I just don’t want to purchase it to cost more to repair!!!!! Thank You Very Much!!! Wayne Tittsworth

  4. Bill, I was recently given one of the above noted clock (Schatz London Coach 400 day clock) from 6/54 that was my grandfather’s; I have no idea what it needs in order to run…can you fix it? Thanks!

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