Schatz Square Dial 400 Day Clock, 1954

I overhauled the movement and polished the base and pillars of this clock. The owner had thought his clock would never look good again:

The movement is dated 4 54 (April 1954) on the back.

See more photos.

Repair job 5724. Horolovar back plate no. 1281. 0.004 inch thick suspension spring.

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  1. I use parallel jaw pliers to hold the block, and a screwdriver with the blade ground to fit the screws.

  2. Hi we ordered the new wire for the clock but now we can’t get the metal square block piece off the old wire. The screws wont pop loose and I don’t want to strip them. I soaked them in lock tight a lubricant for screws and bolts but nothing. Any other suggestions.

  3. hi i have a clock the same with the original hand book was wondering what it would be worth if i was to sell it i had a new pendulam spring [original] fitted approx 17 years ago it has been sitting in a cupboard and still works regards kevin

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