Seth Thomas Tambour Mantel Clock with No. 120 Movement

This tambour mantel clock uses the Seth Thomas No. 120 movement, a round 8-day time and strike movement introduced in the 1920s. This movement is smaller than the more common No. 89 movement.

The clock is 20 1/8 inches wide and 8 3/4 inches tall. and has a dial of silvered brass with engraved numerals. The minute hand is 4 1/4 inches long.

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Repair job 5725. A previous repair shop had installed bushings with unusually large outside diameter, making installing new bushings more difficult than normal. I polished the pivots after disassembling the movement, then replaced the worn bushings.

The No. 120 movement is made like a No. 124 movement but with strike only (not Westminster chime). The escapement, mainsprings and some of the gears are the same.


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  1. What would a mantle clock identical to this one shown that has not been restored but still works perfectly.

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