Seth Thomas Mantel Clock with No. 124 Westminister Chime Movement

I repaired this Seth Thomas tambour chiming mantel clock. It has the No. 124 Westminster chime movement, made from 1924 through 1956. (After 1956, Seth Thomas imported Hermle chime movements from Germany.)

The case on this clock is 20 1/2 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches tall. The minute hand is 2 5/16 inches long, and the beautiful dial is silvered brass with applied numerals and engraved time track.

See more photos.

Repair job 5090. The No. 124 takes a lot of repair work to run reliably. The pivots are short, and each bushing must be countersinked enough for the pivot to protrude (or else the pivot will “tunnel in” to the hole and eventually stop the clock).

I cleaned the movement parts longer than usual to remove very sticky old oil. I polished the pivots and installed 21 bushings, smoothed the warning and lift levers and the lobes on the center cam. The loose strike warning pin was tightened, and the missing chime correction pin on gear c4 was replaced. The chime mainspring barrel hook was tightened, and solder was removed from the strike fly.

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  1. How difficult would it be for a novice like myself, to remove the suspension spring from a124 Seth Thomas movement, how would I go about that. Double ended key and all, also looks more attached at the top(adjustment) of suspension spring.

  2. do you purchase old Seth Thomas Westminster Mantle clocks (124 movement?). I took this to a clock shop about 10 years ago and they told me it was 1925-1930 1/4 chiming clock made by Seth Thomas in Thomaston, CT. They said it chimes ok but springs are dry. Has original key. dark brown wood. about 20″ across base. I can send pictures if you provide email address

  3. I just got a Seth Thomas Clock returned from a clock repair he could not fix. It runs fior about 5 minutes and then it stops.
    Chimes work fine.
    I tried leveling the clock at different levels but the pendulum stops between 3 to 5 minutes or running
    Any suggestions or anyone who may send it to for repair?

  4. Do you sell the pendulum for the Seth Thomas # 124 mantel clock or know were to get one? I also need the piece that holds down the bars that the hammer hits. New hobby, need help. Thanks, John

  5. Do you sell the pendulum for the Seth Thomas # 124 mantel clock or know the weight. Thanks, Don

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for posting the great pictures of this Seth Thomas 124. I am about to start restoring one that was missing a few pieces. A friend gave me a box of spare 124 parts and your pictures have helped me sort through them to find what I was missing.

    It looks like you have an interesting movement holder. Do have a any pictures that give a full view of what it looks like?

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