Schatz 400 Day Clock and 1000 Day Clock Suspension Units

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Suspension Spring Units for Schatz 400 Day and 1000 Day Clocks

Schatz clocks have a model number inside a circle on the back plate (49, 53, 54 or JUM/7). The other numbers on the back of a Schatz clock are the date code (month and year). Here are the suspension spring unit numbers for Schatz 400 day and 1000 day clocks:

  • Schatz standard size clock (49 on back plate): Unit 6789 (0.004 inch thick spring)
  • Schatz miniature (53 on back plate): Unit 10A (0.023 inch thick spring)
  • Schatz 1000 day clock (54 on back plate): Unit 10B (0.0024 inch thick spring)
  • Schatz midget 400 day clock (JUM/7 on back plate): Unit 10C (0.0022 inch thick spring)

I am not a general clock parts supplier, but I can sell you Horolovar suspension units for $35 each, plus $8 per order for shipping and handling. To order, you may pay on my online payment page. You may contact me through my web site.

I guarantee that the units are Genuine Horolovar units. I cannot guarantee that they will work in your clock without adjustment, for several reasons:

  • Your clock may need servicing or escapement adjustment;
  • The pendulum’s moment of inertia may be slightly above or below standard;
  • The fork may need to be moved up or down slightly for optimum pendulum motion;
  • Also, please be sure that the tines of the fork are not binding on the anchor pin (the vertical pin that moves back and forth as the clock ticks).
  • Make sure that the upper block does not wobble sideways in its holder (the saddle).

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