Birge, Mallory & Co. 8 Day OG Clock, 1837 – 1943

Here’s a very old OG shelf clock by Birge, Mallory & Co. This company made clocks from December 14, 1837 to November 24, 1843. The movement is 8-day weight driven. The case is 32 3/8 inches tall and 17 15/16 inches wide. The dial’s minute track is 9 1/8 inches outside diameter, and the minute hand is 4 11/16 inches long.

The dial is beautiful and all-original. The picture in the door is a replacement placed behind the glass.


This movement has rolling pinions and large gears. The mainwheels are 4 inches in diameter!

Birge, Mallory was one of a series of clock companies in Bristol, Connecticut. The companies in the series include:

C. & L. C. Ives; January 27, 1830 – 1838;
John Birge and Birge & Ives; March 22, 1831 – July 31, 1833;
Birge, Case & Co.; July 31, 1833 – May 12, 1835;
Birge, Gilbert & Co.; May 12, 1835 – June 1, 1835;
Birge & Gilbert; June 1, 1835 – December 14, 1837;
Birge, Mallory & Co.; December 14, 1837 – November 24, 1843;
Birge & Fuller, November 24, 1843 – February 5, 1848;
John Birge and John Birge & Co.; February 5, 1848 – February 14, 1849;
Birge Peck & Co.; February 14, 1849 – 1859

For excellent history of these companies and their clocks, see The Contributions of Joseph Ives to Connecticut  Clock Technology 1810 – 1862, by Kenneth D. Roberts, Revised Second edition, Bond Press, Hartford, Connecticut, 1988. The above list came from that book.

See more photos.

Repair job 6272. I polished the pivots and installed one bushing, polished the entrance pallet, replaced the suspension spring. I was pleasantly surprised that it needed only 1 bushing.

The hardest part of the repair was replacing the strike weight pulley at the top of the case. I removed the case backboard to access the pulley arbor. The pulleys are wood, and the strike pulley had a soft spot, causing one side of the hole to wear, making the pulley tilt.

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  1. I have a very old Borge& Fuller 8day triple decker. It’s in rough shape, how do I find out if it’s worth fixing??

  2. I have what appears to be the same clock in original condition. The face has Roman numerals and “Made by Birge Mallory & Co. Bristol Conn” hand lettered on it. The reverse glass painting is in good shape with minor flaking in just one spot toward a corner. The image is of what looks like a church with columns all around it. In working condition. I’m glad to have found your article and learned a bit about my clock’s origin.

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos of this Birge, Mallory clock. I have my 3x great grandfather’s clock which seems to have the same movement. (See my website link for photos if you’re curious.) The clock was restored by someone around 1962, and it runs fairly well, although lately it has been stopping. With your photos, I at least learned where one part is supposed to be. Thank you!

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