Seth Thomas Chime Clock with No. 113 Movement, ca. 1921

The Seth Thomas No. 113 Westminster Chime movement was introduced about 1921 and is a large, heavy movement. The number “113” is usually stamped on the back. These movements are very reliable. Their weak point is the strong mainsprings contained in going barrels. If a mainspring breaks, gear teeth may be damaged, so repairs can get expensive.

I repaired an example called “Chime Clock No. 75” made about 1921. The movement hadn’t been serviced for years, and the oil was sticky. As I was letting down the time mainspring, I heard a quiet “click” – that sound was the mainspring breaking and tearing 3 teeth from the mainspring barrel. I disassembled and cleaned the movement and sent the barrel to my gear maker for a new gear. I completed the overhaul process (see below) and now the clock runs like new.

IMG_8417IMG_8396 IMG_8409

See more photos.

Repair job 6368. Gear T2 needed repivoting, as the breaking mainspring bent its rear pivot. I polished the other pivots, installed 10 bushings, and noticed that the rear pivot on gear C1 had been repivoted in the past. I installed a new time mainspring. I cleaned the chime and strike mainsprings, and they were in good condition.

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  1. I have just completed a 113 overhaul. This movement certainly has idiosyncrasies…….
    If you are still in need of repairs, let me know.

  2. Just purchased Tran Duy Ly’s book on Seth Thomas, looking forward to reading it. Can someone explain the difference between a 113A and a 113E ? Obviously the E is a later revision. I’m wandering what the improvements were. Thank you

  3. we have a seith Thomas mantel clock from the early 20’s. the chime spring is broken, the clock works fine but the chime spring is broken. Do you know where I can obtain a chime spring for this clock?

  4. Have a Seth Thomas movement #113 in my shop. After working on the mvmt for over three months, still not been able the get it to run. Am looking for another movement or someone who would take on the task of repairing the unit. Three springs have not been replaced, perhaps springs are tired. Also unit has been re-bushed by someone else.
    Will pay repair bill.
    Have been in the clock & watch repair business for over 60 years. This unit just doesn’t want to go. Customers are in a panic after waiting over three months for repair.
    Need help
    Mike Coccia

  5. I have one too, louis, with plain hands. Also the numerals on the face are more vertical, not slanty.

    Clock spent months in repair several yrs ago. Needs something now also. Chime doesn’t work, or won’t start.

    What does one use to grease this clock without harming something?????

  6. I have what looks like the exact clock in this article except the hands are different (straight plain). Did Seth Thomas make this clock with my hands or were they changed? Curious

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