Seth Thomas Electric Steeple Clock with Hour and Half-Hour Striking, 1947

I repaired this Seth Thomas electric steeple clock earlier this year. It strikes the hour and half-hour on one rod.

The model number on the back of the case is E503-000. The clock is 14 5/16 inches tall and 9 1/16 inches wide. The dial’s minute track is 5 inches outside diameter, and the minute hand is 2 1/2 inches long.

The movement is model A300-013 with date code 4712 (December 1947).

IMG_6404 IMG_6393IMG_6370

In this clock, the motor runs the hands and winds up the mainspring that drives the striking. The motor continuously winds the mainspring. The mainspring can “slip” in its barrel so it won’t be damaged by being wound too far. The picture below shows the mainspring when it is out of its barrel.

The mainspring, barrel and arbor
On the left is the barrel, cover and ratchet. The mainspring with its bridle is on the right. The bridle grips the barrel, but lets the mainspring slip when it is wound tight enough.

Gear T4 had been re-pivoted off-center. I found a used gear with a pivot almost worn off, and inserted a new pivot into the arbor.

Pivot wire has been inserted
I drilled a hole in the arbor and inserted a piece of blued steel wire
New pivot finished.
I cut the wire to length and finished the pivot

Repair job 6259. I polished the pivots, re-pivoted one pivot and installed one bushing in the motor. The motor’s rotor was wobbly and wouldn’t start running reliably, so I  installed another rotor. Time gear T4 had been re-pivoted off-center, so I installed another gear.

See more photos.

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  1. I believe this was my grandmother’s clock .if it is for sale please contact me at my email.I had the chime repaired it had a kind of sick chime but was better after repair.

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