Schatz “Bermuda Coach” 400 Day Anniversary Clock Dated 6-55

Here’s another Schatz Bermuda Coach 400 day clock I repaired. I polished the case, pendulum, hands and bezel; and overhauled the movement. I’ve written about these clock before (see my posts Schatz Bermuda Coach 400 Day Clock, Early Style (November 1954) and Schatz “Bermuda Coach” 400 Day Clock). This one is so beautiful with all the polishing, that I have to show it off.

The movement date is June 1955, and it is the old style with large mounting bracket to hold the movement. See the third picture below for a good view of the mounting bracket. The later style (starting later in 1955) has the mounting legs built into the movement itself, giving a more solid support (see my post Schatz “Bermuda Coach” 400 Day Clock).

IMG_0728 IMG_0730 IMG_0742Job 6467. I cleaned the movement, polished the pivots, replaced the mainspring, and installed a 0.0024 inch thick suspension spring.

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