Ansonia “Capitol” Weight Driven Wall Clock

Here is an Ansonia “Capitol” wall clock driven by 2 weights. It is time-only (no striking or chiming). The clock is 50 inches tall (without the finial) and 14 3/4 inches wide. The minute hand is 3 7/16 inches long from center to tip.

IMG_1580 IMG_1671 IMG_1672See more photos.

Two weights allow the clock to keep ticking while being wound (one weight keeps power on the gears while the other weight is being cranked up). With only one weight, the clock would stop or run backward unless the special feature of “maintaining power” is present.

Repair job 6511. I polished the pivots, installed 8 bushings, and made the minute hand fit correctly.

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  1. Got this clock from my mother… do you know where i can find a place that sells the weights? They were misplaced.

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