Birge, Peck & Co. 8 Day Cornice and Column Shelf Clock.

I just repaired the movement of this Birge, Peck & Co. standard 8 day cornice and column shelf clock. The addrss of the printer of the label (Press of Elihu Geer, 10 State Street, Hartford) dates the clock to 1850 – 1855 (see for reference).

The case is 32 3/8 inches tall, 16 9/16 inches wide and 4 7/8 inches deep at the bottom. The dial has a 7 inch time track. The dial and lower glass are original. The movement is a later version of that invented by Joseph Ives, having roller pinions instead of fixed trundles, and the plates are riveted strap brass instead of one piece stampings. It is weight driven with a recoil escapement.

Here are some movies of the clock and the escapement (showing the escapement before and after the adjustment for entrance drop):

Here is a slideshow of photos:

Repair job 4865.

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  1. Bill,
    I have a Birge, Peck & Co 8 Day clock that looks exactly like yours. I have taken one clock repair class so far, only to find that my verge is missing. I know nothing about clocks but am learning. My instructor found two movements on Ebay but they look slightly different than our movements. If you search ebay using “og clock movement” you will see three items come up. The bottom two is what I was looking at. You see how it is a little different. Do you think the verge would fit my clock?

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