A New Mainspring for Seth Thomas No. 89 and Other American Clock Movements

Merritt’s Antiques offers the MS310 mainspring, designed for the Seth Thomas No. 89 movement.

The MS310 is specified as 3/4 inch wide by 0.016 inch thick by 108 inches long. Besides the Seth Thomas No. 89 movement, it is good for many other antique American movements that originally had a .0018 or .0017 inch thick mainspring.

Note: Some examples of MS310 spring are stronger than I would like, the Timesavers 15159 may be a better choice if you can get the copper rivet type. See New Batch of Timesavers 15959 Clock Mainsprings for more information.

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  1. I am possessing a German make Schatz 400 day clock Triberg-Black-Forest purchased by father during his visit to Germany in the year 1958. It has given perfect service for many decades. For the last about couple of years its pendulum wire and accessories broke/got damaged. I am living in INDIA.I am not able to locate the original office to get my clock repaired. Could you please advise me as to how do get this 400 day clock and the course of action that I am required to take.

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