“Plymouth” Tambour Mantel Clock by Seth Thomas, 1936

Here is a “Plymouth” tambour mantel clock I repaired. Plymouth was a name Seth Thomas used for marketing a line of clocks advertised as “America’s Greatest Values”. Here’s a page from a Plymouth clock catalog showing this clock.

This clock is unusual in having quarter hour striking. It strikes bim-bam (two different pitches) on the first, second and third quarters; and on the hour strikes the number of the hour on one chime rod. The movement is No. 89 IL, an variation of the No. 89 using rack and snail striking.

The date code 36-10 (October 1936) is stamped on the rear left of the movement.

See more pictures.

Repair job 7804. I polished the pivots and installed 15 bushings. I installed a thinner rack return spring, to quiet the “thunk” the rack makes when it is released shortly before striking. New soft leather in the hammers made the striking sound wonderful. The mainsprings are nice, thin original:

Time: 3/4 x 0.0163 inches

Strike: 3/4 x 0.0165 inches

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