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  1. My father just bought a Forestville Mfg. Company clock OGEE. Its a double weight 8 day clock with chimes. Would like to have a schematic of the insides. Would you know where we can get this?

    Thank you for any insight.


  2. I have a question about a clock my eighty-nine year old father gave me. The case is a Seth Thomas The Metals oak kitchen clock but the face and movement are Sessions. I would like to restore the original ST face and movement but I am clueless what to look for in a movement. I just want it back to when this was my grandparents clock. Do you have any pointers?

  3. I don’t have spare motors to sell, I have to go looking for used ones to overhaul for my own repair jobs.

  4. I found a 400 day clock in trashthe globeis broken but I like to see a pictureof the back to see if all other parts are there

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