My name is Bill Stoddard, and I like to repair clocks, document the history of Westclox and their clocks and watches, design web sites, and program in PHP. Professionally, I run Bill’s Clockworks, where I repair American antique clocks and 400 day anniversary clocks; and sell new wall, mantle, chime, cuckoo and other types of clocks, and a few antique clocks.

As I have time, I’m uploading more ads and catalogs to my clock history database, and examining and photographing clocks in my collection to add.

I give my heartfelt thanks to Gary Biolchini for permission to use the model data that he compiled for his book, Westclox: An Identification and Price Guide. A big thanks to Jim Linz for letting me use data from his two books Westclox: Electric and Westclox: wind-up. If you collect Westclox clocks and watches, or need to identify Westclox, Western Clock Co., Big Ben, Baby Ben, etc. clocks, these three books will be a big help to you.

Thanks to Greg Adams for generously sharing many pictures of his Westclox clocks.

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Photos of my clock shop:

Bill Stoddard at 20 months old
Bill Stoddard at 20 months old. I’m looking at a Seth Thomas electric clock that my parents received as a wedding gift in 1954.