Gilbert “Pandia” Walnut Parlor Clock from 1885

Here is an amazing Gilbert walnut parlor clock named “Pandia” that I repaired recently. The case has a three-dimensional character to it (see picture below), with a turned half-column on each side and decorations engraved into the wood. The clock is 21 1/4 inches tall, 13 5/8″ wide and 4 15/16″ deep. The minute hand is 2 7/16″ from center to tip. The clock has an 8-day movement with hour strike on a cathedral (thick wire) gong, and a popular type of Gilbert fancy brass pendulum with a dial and indicator hand for regulating adjustments.

In Tran Duy Ly’s book, Gilbert Clocks, Pandia is shown on page 313 and listed as being made ca. 1885. There is a note on the back saying the clock was bought February 24, 1885.

See more images.

Repair job 8818. I installed new mainsprings MS-301 3/4 by 0.014 by 108 inches.

I polished the pivots, installed 15 bushings, made new click rivets, and cleaned solder from the strike fly arbor (S5). Even with these thin mainsprings, the clock runs 14 days on each winding. I applied wood feeder to the case.

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