Mainsprings for Seth Thomas Oak Kitchen Clock

I just overhauled a Seth Thomas called “The Giant, No. 2” shown in Tran Duy Ly’s Seth Thomas book as being made ca. 1904. The movement is 8 day time and strike with inside escapement and is labeled 8 1/4 (this movement model was later called no. 89 and was made in several pendulum lengths for mantel and shelf clocks. It came in many variations).

This clock had a pair of original Seth Thomas mainsprings (.0182″ thick strike and .0175″ thick time) that would have been ok to leave in the clock, but I wanted to make it easier to wind and reduce future wear

I installed a pair of Merritt’s Antiques P1496 springs that measured .0162″ thick. The pendulum makes a large motion with this mainspring, indicating plenty of power!

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