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I just overhauled a Schatz 8 day cuckoo clock. The movement is model 50 (has a 50 in the circle on the back plate). The customer has the top piece, so I could not include in in the photo. The nicely made movement has some surprises!

  • The movement plates are very classy with the design of a bird worked into them,
  • Separate controls for door and bird – bird goes in and out with each cuckoo while the door stays open,
  • The cuckoo and time train are on the opposite sides of the movement, compared to the majority of cuckoo movements,
  • Very large teeth on the time first and second wheels.

The weights are 2 lb, 12 oz. and 2 lb, 14 oz.

My job no. 4492. This clock had probably seen years of use, as many of the pivots needed to have wear removed and be polished. I installed 14 bushings.

The circle on the back plate says:


The rectangle says:


Jahresunherfabrik means “Year Clock Company”. This was the company’s name for many years, as they started out as a manufacturer of 400 day or “Anniversary” clocks. In the early 1950’s they became known as Aug. Schatz and Sohne.


The photo above was made before the movement cleaning, as the dirt in the engraving makes the lettering show up better!

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  1. Looking straight ahead at the clock I have 2 weights old 50 or 60s shatter 8 day cuckoo which weights go on left or right none have stamps on them

  2. Hi Bill,

    I am having trouble removing the hour hand from my 8-day Schatz cuckoo clock. See attached videos. Could someone advise? I am new to repair cuckoo clocks, but this was my grandparents. 🙂 I have tried to oil underneath the hour and pull up under the slits, but it won’t budge from the hour wheel pipe. Your help is much appreciated.

  3. Hello ,Looking to buy Hands for my Schatz 8 day cuckoo clock Has a 3inch face, square minute shaft .083 diameter, inner hour shaft .230 diameter of inch Can you help me out ? Thanks P.J Skrzypek

  4. Bill,

    Can you tell me the length of the pendulum for a Shatz 8 Day. I believe I have the more common design with the brass “Shatz 8 day” brass plate, five carved maple leafs and one bird at the top. My clock was missing the pendulum when I purchased it and I am guessing the length may be between 7 and 10 inches from seeing other clocks online. I’d really appreciate any guidance you could provide.

  5. Hi Bill, I have a Shatz 8 day cuckoo. I was wondering if you could tell me how to adjust the levers on top of movement that opens and closes the door? It opens and cuckoos but then door doesn’t shut. Thanks

  6. I just inherited Schatz Cuckoo Clock following the death of a dear friend. There is a fine wire about 4″ long hanging down from inside the box. It has a small metal ball on the end of it. What purpose does it serve and is there anything I need to do with it? Also, since I’m certain she hadn’t oiled it for years, what spots should I oil.
    When I assembled it and tried to set it to the correct time the hand crumbled. I seems to be made of a glow in the dark plastic that was very brittle. It is the outermost hand, I don’t know if it is the minute or hour hand, but where can I get a replacement hand. Would any hand from a hobby store work?

  7. I have a Schatz cucko clock. It doesn’t work but the inside gears are in amazing condition. Is there any value to this piece or is it just a run of the mill clock?

  8. I have a schatz 8 day clock that’s in decent condition. I’d like to part ways. Please email if interested

  9. The Schatz cuckoo is reliable after it has been overhauled. Oiling the door hinge won’t help the door close, there is an adjustment at the top of the movement for this.

    To make it run better, listen carefully to the tick tock, and tilt the clock to the left or right until the tick tock sounds even. Also make sure the clock is flat against the wall, and that the pendulum is not rubbing on the slot in the case. I offer an overhaul service for the Schatz cuckoo, details are on the following web page:


  10. Hello, I have purchased a 8-day Schatz Cuckoo Clock. I find it to be a bit temperamental compared to my Herr. Is the Schatz one of the better clocks and are they known to be temperamental? It sometimes stops ticking on it’s own and the door to the cuckoo does not shut sometimes. I was told to oil the hinges on the door…that shipping my had throw things out of adjustment. What hinges do I oil? I was told the clock stopping twice on day 3 may had been the clock not sitting right on the wall that the Schatz clocks have a sweet spot? Is this true?

  11. Hi….I have a Schatz wall clock with pendulum and two weights. It was my grandmothers and I want to make it work but it is missing one weight. The weight is 7 12′ long and 1 5/8″ diameter. Do you have any idea how to replace one or both weights?

  12. Hi – I have a Shatz 8 day, with “50” written in back of case, including a few penciled numbers.
    It was my grand clock and only ever owned by her.
    I have heard the bird chirp and the bellows still move up and down etc, but it has not been in a wall in more than 35 years.
    It’s a dark wooden Maple version. Smallish.
    I know you don’t give out valuations but an indication of varying prices and sales would be helpful –
    For insurance. Thanks
    Genevieve, New Zealand.

  13. No, the 50 represents the year this movement was introduced, 1950. For this clock to be only 25 years old, it would have been made in 1988, but Schatz was out of business by then. It was definitely made in the 1950s.

    If you look at at Schatz’s 400 day clocks made in the 1950s, they are marked “Germany” not “Western Germany”. See, for example, the clock in the following post:

  14. I think this means that they have been making clocks for 50 years. Had the clock been made in 1950, it would have been marked “Made in Western Germany.” It is not old enough to have been made in the prewar period, and the reunification of Germany was 1990, after which the marking became “Germany” again. This clock is less than 25 years old, which is not a bad thing in cuckoo clocks. They are toys, you know.

  15. I just bought a Shatz 8 day Cuckoo Clock at a yard sale for $5.00 It is is missing one pine cone weight. Is it worth trying to find th eother weight and having the clock repaired? If so where should I go to find a replacment weight and have the clock looked and repaired if possible.

  16. How much do the unlabeled ones weigh? The Schatz weights I have measured varied from 2 pounds 12 ounces (1247 grams) to 3 pounds 5 ounces (1502 grams). The 1500 weights are OK to use, the lighter ones may be the original weights (if the weight is correct) as the Schatz weights aren’t labeled.

  17. Hi
    I have two sets of pine cone weights both of different weights,my clock is a eight day. one of the pine cones is stamped with 1500,the other has no stamp

  18. Grasp the HOUR hand near the center and turn it to point to the hour that the clock is cuckooing. Then move the MINIUTE hand forward to the correct time, pausing each hour and half-hour for the clock to cuckoo.

  19. Yes to all the bellows move freely and makes the cuckoo sound and the bird moves up and down freely. It was just shipped to me by my Uncle. He lives in New York and I live in Texas. It had a lot of bubble wrap around it.

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