Ansonia Short Drop Schoolhouse Clock Movement

This 8 day time and strike Ansonia movement was probably made in the 1880s. It has 5 pillars, and the plates are 5 3/4 inches tall. The movement goes to an oak schoolhouse (drop octagon) case 25 inches tall with an 11 inch dial.

A previous repairer had very badly bushed the front time second wheel pivot hole, and mutilated the pivot and shortened the arbor in the process. I added on to the arbor to restore it its original form, and installed a good bushing.

The time and strike mainsprings were old replacements that were too strong (0.0184 inch thick) made by Usibel, France. I replaced them with Merritt’s P-1956 3/4 by 0.0165 by 96 inch mainsprings.

Here is a video showing the escapement. The motion is excellent, even with the thinner mainspring. The mainspring is unwound about 8 turns (8 days of running) in the video.

Job 4962.

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  1. Hi: do you know how the glass was originally retained in the bezel? I have one for repair in which the glass was barely secure w/ blobs of solder.It appears that there were some L shaped retainers affixed by a golden adhesive? I suspect it was shellac. Any ideas?

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