Seth Thomas Manual Start Electric Clock, ca. 1930

This nice little wooden case clock is 9-1/2 inches tall and 7-1/2 inches wide with a 3-15/16 inch time track on the dial. It was made about 1930, and has a manual-starting electric motor. The starting lever is on the back of the movement (inside the back door) and is depressed and released to start the motor.

My customer had e-mailed me and said that the starting lever had fallen off, and asked if I could put it back on. She had taken it to several clock repair shops, and they all wanted to take out the original movement and put in a new battery movement. This has been her favorite clock for many years, and she wanted it kept like original.

I agreed to have her send it to me. I unpacked it, and found the lever and mounting screw taped inside the clock. I secured the lever with the screw, plugged in the cord, started the motor, and it ran fine! I can’t understand why a clock shop would not have simply put the lever back on instead of recommending a new movement!

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