Seth Thomas Sparta Adamantine Mantel Clock

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I did not repair this clock, just oiled the bearings and regulated it. It has the model name “Sparta” and a date code on the bottom.

Seth Thomas Sparta Adamantine Mantel Clock

Sparta back

Date code
The date code is 1901

Back escapement Adamantine movement

This movement with the escapement at the back was used until about 1901 in Adamantine mantel clocks. It was superceded by the no. 89 movement. Note: the brass j-shaped turnback lever is not in the correct position because the previous repairer assembled it incorrectly. The long part should be on the left (time train side) and should have free movement toward the time train. See this post for how it should be.

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  1. Helen Faust says:

    My clock is a Seth Thomas Adamantine clock Patented 1880. Label number 295. Can you tell me the value of this clock?

  2. William Herald says:

    I have a Seth Thomas that is the exact replica of this one. Does anyone know the value of this clock? My clock has been in my wife’s family for about 100 years. They are from Rocky Mount, Virginia very near Roanoke, Virginia.
    Call me if you like. I am very interested in the value of that clock. My phone number is 301 460-9756
    Bill Herald

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