Junghans W202 Clock Movement

I repaired this Junghans W202 clock movement. It has the numbers 33 3 on the back which may be a date code of March, 1933; does anyone know if this is correct?

The biggest weakness of this movement is that the mainsprings are attached to their barrels by tongues cut out of the barrel wall itself. When I received the movement for repair, the time barrel tongue was broken and had been unsuccessfully repaired. The tongue on the strike mainspring barrel broke as I was winding the spring in after cleaning

I made new steel mainspring hooks, drilled a hole in each barrel, and riveted them in. The slideshow below shows the previous repair on the time mainspring and barrel, one new hook I made and installed, and general views of the movement and dial.

The strike second gear had a gear tooth that about to break off. I inserted a new tooth. The pivots needed polishing, and I also installed several bushings in worn pivot holes.

Repair job 4961.

I want to thank Clockmakers Newsletter for their article on repairing barrel hooks.

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  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have the size recorded, so you’ll need to measure the original and then choose a suitable replacement.

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