Digitized Classic Clock and Watch Books on Google

Thanks to Bryan Smith on the Clocksmiths group for sharing the following links to classic out of print clock and watch books that Google has digitized. They may be viewed for free!

On the Construction and Theory of Dead Escapement Clocks, B. L. Vuliamy,

New and Complete Clock and Watchmakers’ Manaul, Mary L. Booth, 1863

Treatise on Clock and Watch Making, Thomas Reid, 1826

Treatise on Clock and Watch Making, Thomas Reid, 1832

Lessons in Horology, Jules and Hermann Grossman, translation, 1905

Horlogical Journal, 1860

A Portion of the Papers Relating to the Great Clock for the New Palace at Westminster, 1848

The Tower Clock Designed and Made for the University of Chicago, 1903

The Clock Jobbers Handybook, A Practical Manual on Cleaning, Repairing and Adjusting, Paul Hasluck, 1889

A Treatise on the Teeth of Wheels, M. Camus, Trans by Hawkins, 1868

A Rudimentary Treatise on Clock and Watch Making with a Chapter on Church Clocks and an Account of the Proceedings Respecting the Great Westminster Clock, Edmund Beckett Dennison, 1850

Watch and Clock Making, David Glascow, 1885

Former Clock and Watchmakers and Their Work, F. J. Britten, 1894

The Watch & Clockmakers Handbook, Dictionary and Guide, F. J. Britten, 1896

Clock and Watch Work (by E. Beckett), from the 8th Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica,

Time Telling Through the Ages, Brearly, 1919

A Treatise on Watch-Work, Past and Present, Rev. H. L. Nelthropp, 1873

Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements, Henry T. Brown, 1881

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