Westclox Big Ben Chime Alarm Movement Photos

My son’s chime alarm needed some adjustments, and while the clock was opened up, I thought I’d try some quick close up photos with my digital camera. The camera was mounted on a tripod, manual focusing mode was used, no flash, illuminated by the ceiling and bench fluorescent lights. The self timer was used, to avoid any camera shake caused by pushing the button.

The movement is dated 11 50 (November 1950). It is beautifully nickel plated, as were many Westclox movements. This is the full image, resized from 3072 by 2304 pixels to 500 by 375 pixels for web display. It was sharpened with the Photoshop unsharp mask filter and displayed here at 40% JPEG quality:
Chime Alarm Movement


500 by 500 pixel portion of the image, converted to 40% JPEG quality in Photoshop:Chime Alarm Movement

Same as above with unsharp mask filter:Chime Alarm Movement

500 by 400 pixel portion of the image showing balance and spring, pallet fork and escape wheel:Chime Alarm Movement
Note: for better pictures a setup with floodlights and reflectors can be used. These photos show how good the photos can be using a very quick setup.

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  1. Joan, I realize your post is a few years old, but I just ran across it. Do you still have these parts? Would you be interested in selling them? Thanks!

  2. Hi, I just opened my first Big Ben Style 5 Chime Alarm. There is a removable plate above the mainspring, held by three tiny screws. I am missing one, so I need that. When I remove that plate, I can see the mainspring. It doesn’t look broken. The shaft that fits into the center of the mainspring looks like it has some kind of “cog” that catches in the slot at the inner center of the spring. When I wind the spring, it winds a little bit, then slips, so it never winds. If you might have one of these shafts with a good “cog” that catches the mainspring (it has a gear attached on it, too) I think that may be what I need. I also need the knob in the back that changes the time on the hands. It probably is on a shaft that goes into the clock and into a hole. I don’t know what it is like because this clock never had it. If you have one, I need it. I have no way of changing the time.
    Im hope you can understand some of this at least. I don’t know the professional terminology. My telephone # is 781-233-1641.
    Thanks, Glenn Graham

  3. I have several parts for big and little ben clocks
    They originally belonged to my father. Most of tthese parts are from the 1950’s. I have alarm ssprings,chime alarms etc.

  4. I have an Westclox Big Ben that I’m repairing (I’m a novice/hobbiest repairer) and having trouble finding the correct mainsprings. I’ve found the 5/16″ x 48″ spring in Timesavers but can’t find a replacement for the other 1/2″ x 48″ spring. Any suggestions?

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