New Windup Alarm Clocks

Every now and then, a viewer sees the Westclox history on the web site and assumes that we are affiliated with the maker of Westclox clocks. They then proceed to give their complaints about the quality of windup alarm clocks made today. Someone sent several e-mails to one of my co-researchers, got annoyed at no response, and finally said the following in an e-mail: “Your clocks don’t work, and apparently you don’t either!”

I can say the following about the windup alarm clocks made today: “You get what you pay for.”

For an alarm clock to be of the same quality as a Big Ben or Baby Ben made up through the 1950’s, it would have to retail for around $40 – $65 (see my post about Historical Alarm Clock Pricing). The windup alarm clocks of today sell for around $8 – $13 in discount stores. It would take a huge number of people willing to pay enough for a high-quality windup alarm clock, for the manufacturers to take notice.

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