Bushing American Antique Clocks

I prefer American made KWM size bushings of 1.8 millimeter height for for the train wheel pivots of antique American mantel, wall and shelf clocks with open mainsprings (clocks made by makers such as Ansonia, Ingraham, New Haven, Seth Thomas, Waterbury, etc). Commonly needed bushing sizes are L-41 through L-45, and L-88. The bushing is longer than the plate thickness, which is good for this type of clock. These movements are over-powered and the plates are relatively thin, and the longer bushing decreases the pivot and bushing wear. I polish the pivots before installing new bushings.

For movements with a between the plate verge, I use 1.3 millimeter tall bushings such as L-17 or L-18 for verge pivot bushings.

Note: if a pivot hole shows very little or no wear, bushing it is not necessary (I made this note because some repairers bush everything whether it is necessary or not, a philosophy I disagree with).

American made KWM size bushings are available from many clock parts suppliers such as R & M Imports.

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  1. Request the name of a clock restorer in the
    Washington, D. C. or Baltimore, MD area.
    thank you. HK

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