My Clock Is “Wound Too Tight!”


Lately several people told me me that their 400 day anniversary clock was “wound too tight”, and that they tried to fix it by unwinding the spring! Trying to unwind the spring is DANGEROUS (unless you are experienced at clock repair and have the proper let-down key). If you try to unwind the spring, YOU MAY INJURE YOUR HAND OR FINGERS, and damage the clock as well. Don’t try it! Also, merely unwinding the spring will NOT fix the clock’s problems.

When a clock that is wound up all the way will not work, it needs to be repaired. The repair needed can range from a simple adjustment such as putting the clock in beat; up to an overhaul, in which the movement needs to be taken completely apart, cleaned, pivots polished, and any other repair work carried out. 400 day anniversary clocks seldom need to have bushings installed, but quite often, Schatz clocks from the 1950’s need a few pivots polished.

I offer repair service for Kundo and Schatz 400 day clocks and Schatz 1000 day clocks.

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  1. Excellent reading

    I’m pottering for the first time but the detail in your narratives is absolutely eye opening

    Looks like 400 day clocks for me – From when I retire from up until I retire from Hotel Earth

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